Cheapest (and Best) Way to Get into Medium Format Photography

Medium format photography can be very intimidating. The intimidation comes largely from the mystery that veils the format simply because of how full frame cameras (aka 35mm equivalents) have been the largest sensor and negative sizes targeted towards everyday and enthusiast consumers.

Shot on the Yashica Mat 124G

While full frame sensors have always been readily available to consumers, it was only in the past year or so that medium format cameras like the Fujifilm GFX100 were available to consumers at a “reasonable” price-to-spec ratio.

Shot using the GFX100

Until the GFX100, the other options would run buyers three to four times as much. But even at a fraction of the price, the GFX100 is not a camera that can be bought unless you knew you had to blow up that image and paste it on a side of a building facing New York Square and even then, it might not be necessary.

I had a lot of fun using Fujifilm’s beast of a camera but honestly, I will never justify purchasing it.

For those interested in getting the medium format look without having to work three jobs, may I suggest another cheaper, and just as beautiful, and arguably better option: the Yashica Mat 124G with the 80mm f/3.5 lens.

Yashica Mat 124G

It’s portable and fun to shoot. The Yashica Mat 124G produces 6×6 negatives which makes it practically made for Instagram.

Comparing negative sizes.

The 6×6 format is actually 56×56mm which makes it almost 4 times larger than a negative from a 35mm(24×35mm) camera.

“But what about resolution Ginnie?” If resolution and ridiculous file sizes are important to you and you know you will need the digital files then don’t bother with a film camera but if you like the experience and want to achieve the look for less, I highly recommend the Yashica Mat 124G.

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