Shooting 645 film at Stanley Park (VIDEO)

Between intermittent periods of rain, we got sun on Christmas Day 2019 (miraculously). I thought it was a perfect time to run a few test rolls through my new-to-me Fujica GS645w medium format camera. We walked the entire perimeter of Stanley park and caught the beautiful sunset. I saw some wildlife and some local vegetation (note: pineapple in the video).

You may have seen my roll of Kodak Portra 400, which I posted previously. I finally got around to scanning the black and white roll. Truthfully I love the images I shot on the Tri-x 400 more than the colour roll but let me know which you liked more.

Three’s a crowd, Tri-x 400
Standing in a puddle, Tri-x 400
A flock, Tri-x 400
Lions Gate Bridge, Tri-x 400
Lions Gate Bridge in the rain, Tri-x 400

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