A New Year, A New Direction: Plans From Here On Out (KODAK TMAX 400)

Happy new year! To some, this greeting on January 25th 2020 might be considered tardy; to other’s it may seem very fitting.

Just before sunset, New Westminster. KODAK TMAX 400.
New Westminster on a rare sunny day in January 2020. KODAK TMAX 400

Regardless of the calendar you use to track the passing of the days, months, years, everyone has the mutual intent of wishing upon others and themselves, all the best of luck for the new year.

The courthouse and the square’s Christmas tree, Portland. KODAK TMAX 400

“New” invokes in all of us an unparalleled sensation that I can barely encapsulate in words; it’s a strange concoction of anticipation, hope, anxiousness, joy and, straight out fear.

The excitement that comes with new, I would argue, comes from not knowing and dreaming.

In the new year, I have made some plans and resolutions and one of them is to change the focus of this blog. I know a lot of people don’t read. (I’m very grateful for those who do though!) I wish to focus more on the narrative aspect of photography. I want to create more of a narrative here with photographs and text. As visual storytelling, photography doesn’t require text, some may argue. I’m not saying they are wrong. I may even endeavour into strict photo essays in the future.

What I see for this platform and for myself moving forward is: less information on the camera and lens and more stories, whether through the image itself or not.

From the Pioneer Square, Portland. KODAK TMAX 400

I had taken a short family trip down to Portland over Christmas holidays and the only camera I brought was my Canon Autoboy Epo loaded with a roll of black and white film. I love the images I got from it, not because they are the sharpest or the most visually interesting but because they mean something to me.

Some are good.

At a crosswalk, Portland. KODAK TMAX 400.
With Mr. Giraffe, Oregon Zoo. KODAK TMAX 400

Admittedly, a lot of them are out of focus.

And, that’s ok.

When the sun comes out. KODAK TMAX 400

Ultimately, I guess I’m saying: the theme is Ginnie not gear. If I get something cool, I’ll share it but that’s not the focus here.

Flamingo and the duck. KODAK TMAX 400

I just don’t want to talk like I know what I’m doing because I don’t. I love my family, photos, learning and sharing.

That’s all.

Happy new year!

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