Ektar 100: Butchart Gardens

Kodak’s Ektar 100 is amazing for landscapes, in my humble opinion, because of the details in it’s shadows. It’s highly saturated and at ISO 100, you get amazing dynamic range.

The Sunken Garden

I took two rolls of Ektar 100 to Victoria’s Butchart Garden and yes, it was the best place to shoot it.

This film stock does greens beautifully.

The Dining Room.

The saturated colours of this film is, unfortunately, a double-edged sword. Because the colours are heavily pulled, skin tones tend to appear redder and unnaturally pink than they actually are.

By the roses.

You could fix this by desaturating the images in post-processing or shooting a little over-exposed but I’m going to appreciate this as a quirk of the Ektar 100.

The wishing well.

I think the sharpness, the natural contrast and the colours make up for the slight variants in skin tones.

Me by mom.

My grandmother, who is very fair, ended up looking a little pinker. I ended up looking a little yellower.

I would recommend you shoot Ektar if you know that you’ll be outdoors all day with a lot of greenery. If you want to really pop, have your subject wear reds or bring a prop in the reds colour-scheme. I didn’t plan on my grandmother wearing a bright orange windbreaker but I think it worked out in the end.

Also, as a side note: Butchart Gardens on Vancouver island is a beautiful location all year round with seasons that present different merits. There’s always something to see there, even in the winter so don’t worry about when to visit.

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