Food as Art: Cultivatea. Oct 26, 2019.

Full disclaimer: I’m sorry about the shaky video clips. I have so much footage that I don’t know what to do with so I’ve just thrown it together in a very short video.

Squash tart.

This squash tart was the squash tart I didn’t know I needed in my life.

These delicious and dainty pastries are made by @danielmunoz30 for a popup at the re-opened @cultivatetea on Main.

Chocolate hazelnut religeuse.

The chocolate hazelnut religeuse is a pastry that consists of two choux pastries stacked on top of one another filled with cream. What I didn’t know was that it was supposed to mimic the shape of the Pope’s headpiece. #TIL

The squash tart was great; not too sweet and very well-balanced.

It seems like the cafe is very darkly lit but actually the entire room is very bright. I shot these in harsh direct light and the guy on the other side of the table (no, I didn’t eat all the desserts) acted as a great black backdrop.

My personal favourite is the photo of the religeuse but I’ve heard opinions about “too much foreground bokeh”.

This was a complementary celeriac apple tart. I guess that’s the best part of hanging out with a local foodie.

Thank you so much for reading.

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