A Treehouse Cabin That is Serious #cabinporn

This year, I vacationed on Bowen island for Canada Day long weekend. This was my first time on the island but I can’t wait to be back. I had found my treehouse cabin on AirBnb and booked it for the weekend back in February.

Cabin 1.

Hot water, a gas stove, wood-burning fireplace, Wi-Fi; these are all things that you can read up on when you go to book the place but there’s so much that the listing doesn’t tell you.

The yoga studio, BBQ and the little chicken coup.

My entire livelihood is based on technology on the web. My 9-to-5 entails me to sit indoors, in front of a computer and compile and debug and repeat. That’s why my favourite getaways are places where I can disconnect a little but still access the web if an emergency happens at work. This cabin was perfect for the weekend.

Wildflowers galore

We turned into a dirt path and up along a forested entrance to a property spangled with the most beautiful wildflowers to adorn a residence.

That’s the cabin in the background. That’s me with my new Yashica in the midground.

Reg greeted us when we arrived and gave us a brief welcome tour of the quaint cabin. He continued on to reassure me there was a means of preparing coffee and that Matchstick coffee roast was graciously provided. Of course, I had my own just in case but that’s what I call hospitality.

Matchstick coffee beans, stovetop espresso maker, tea, sugar, cream and even a french press was provided

The kitchen was stocked with cutlery, pots and pans for cooking simple meals.

Gas stove and all the accessories you’d need a cabin

In the fridge there was a small surprise: three fresh eggs from the chickens Reg raises on the property.

Farm fresh eggs, olive oil, salt and pepper.

I don’t know why I found this so endearing but seeing the eggs brought another meaning to the phrase “farm-to-table”.

Over easy eggs with homemade pancakes and fruits.

I know it’s June/July but for anyone else who is perpetually cold like me, you’ll be glad to know that the entire cabin can be warmed using the wood-burning fireplace.

Under the cabin, there’s plenty of firewood for the stove.

Also, it’s just fun making a fire, especially since there is a fire ban during the summer.

An evening by the fire

On the second night before checking out, we spent the night by the fire and watched a movie in bed.

Let me just say, this bedding was the bedding of my dreams. Just a forewarning it might not be your favourite if you love silky sheets but I love the feeling of fluffy cotton sheets that have been dried out in the midday sun. If you are like me and love the embrace of powdery blankets, you won’t be missing home here.

At the fire pit up the hilltop behind our cabin

Also at home, you don’t get to sunbathe with a view overlooking the ocean.

Coffee in bed in the morning

Thank you so much Reg for letting us stay at your place. We definitely wish to be back someday but this time we leave with amazing memories of a hidden away paradise on the little piece of wildflower heaven.

P.S. the property is a little hard to find but if you are coming from Snug cove down Adams Road and you pass the sign for the Dog Ranch, you’ve gone too far.

Thank you so much for reading.

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