Shooting Fujifilm ACROS 100 (35mm) in New Westminster

the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens on ACROS 100 @ ISO 100, New Westminster

ACROS 100 is the finest grain quality ISO 100 B&W film that you can get. I’m not sure if Fujifilm has discontinued it or not. I heard it was discontinued but there are rumours that they have brought it back.

I bought my rolls off of Ebay July 2018 and received it in September from a seller in Japan. I paid $35.03 (+$0.00 shipping) for 3 rolls. I got 38 exposures out of this roll.

I love seeing images that other people take on different film stock before I buy so more often than not I’m scrolling past ads and store websites with SEO tags on Google to find the photographer blogs. Honestly I’m looking at the photos on this roll and I can’t believe it’s film because of how smooth and creamy the images are and how much colour depth there is.

Here are the results that I got from my roll of ACROS:

I didn’t do anything crazy with this roll. I didn’t try to push or pull it but this is some of the creamiest black and white I’ve ever seen. This was my first time shooting ACROS 100 and I’ve never been too excited about shooting black and white film because I thought, naively, that I could simulate it in post. Mind you, some of the black and white filters that people through on their photos is atrocious *cough* IG b&w filters*cough*. This is not a filter.

This was the first time I got a roll of B&W back and felt excited to shoot the other rolls. I was so quick to burn through the exposures in the test roll so I can get them developed that I didn’t care too much about composition and subject but I’m already planning what to do with the other rolls.

the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens on ACROS 100 @ ISO 100, Coquitlam

I’ve read mixed reviews about ACROS but personally I love the look. The grain is almost non-existent but it’s sharp at the same time. I wouldn’t use this emulsion for landscapes in direct sun(high noon) but for everything else, this looks great.

What are your thoughts? I look forward to trying other B&W films now too.

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